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Busting Our Balls 


I'm replying to the Town Dandy "Top O' The World" article by Hank Sims printed in the July 22 issue of your paper. This article is just another example of poor journalism -- really just a Hank Sims opinion piece, aimed at dividing people. What really upset me was the reference he made twice to "tea baggers" at the end of his article.

The term "tea bagger" and any of its variations is an obscene slang term describing a particular sexual act. I will not go into details, but if one "Googles" it, it will graphically make this sexual act clearer!

Question to Sims: If I use the term "tea baggers" as it is defined as a sexual act when I read your article, it makes no sense. On the other hand, if I figure that you are one of those "sleazy" journalists who stoop to ridiculing those whose agenda you disagree with, then it would fit.

In 2009, the Tea Party Patriot movement formed to protest U.S. tax and spend policies, referencing the Boston Tea Party for its name. The name "tea bagger" emerged from left-wing commentators based on its sexual connotation. President Obama attracted criticism when he used the term in an interview in reference to the influence of the Tea Party Patriot movement on American politics. I've heard that any local broadcast station permitting the use of such a term would be liable to significant fines and other punishments. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Journalists.

Sims might be very surprised to learn that here in Humboldt County the Tea Party Patriots are a strong movement and growing in number every day. Patriots are a politically diverse group, crossing political lines and comprising Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Libertarians. They are young people and old people. They are definitely not racists. In fact they are a very ethnically diverse group. They were the silent majority, but are no longer silent. The common bond with all Tea Party Patriots is that they are all fiscally conservative people believing in limited government. What a novel idea!

I would suggest that the North Coast Journal move away from cheap shots such as Mr. Sims' that divide and inflame citizens. Come on, Journal! You can do better!

Terence Roberts, McKinleyville

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