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Birth of an Activist 


Recently you ran an article about the use of body cameras by the police ("Camera Questions," March 19).

I believe the Ferndale chief said they had been using the cameras for more than two years, but no one had ever asked to see them. An attorney representing me in a criminal case requested video from the Ferndale Police Department. The request was denied due to none existing.

Right about here is where my first draft of this letter launched into a rehash of all the negative contacts and complaints I have about the local police; and trust me, I have a few.

I re-read it a couple of times when I realized what was happening. I have reached the saturation point and am now ready to act. I will find and join others in my community attempting to make positive changes in the way police interact with society. I am an activist and as such...

Citizens of Humboldt! As Americans you must be concerned with all the reports of police brutality, both locally, and all across our nation. Folks, it is obvious the system is broken. The proof is in the personal experiences of our citizenry, backed by statistical data that cannot be denied. Historically, real change in America has always come at a price. That is already being paid in places like Ferguson, New York, South Central L.A. and, yes, Eureka. As a nation and as a community we will continue to bear this horrible price until we reign in the police. From the security guards to the CIA, change must happen! All Americans should receive equal justice and opportunity. I think it's a democracy thing!

I believe there's a local cop-watch. I'd like to invite any and all likeminded readers to join me in the effort for change. I'll be at the next Cop-Watch meeting.

Cory W. Reeves, Eureka

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