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College of the Redwoods is out of touch with the community ("CR Faces the Music," Blog Jammin, March 14). The cuts of classes and faculty while adding remedial classes at the expense of viable classes are an example of that. The music program and theater art department have NOT been losing money. In fact, they are putting valuable money resources into the school. So have many of the other classes that are slated to be cut.

In the business world, money has to be handled wisely and not cut products and resources. The CR board and administration has and are mishandling their resources. I want a financial audit of the school after the last two presidents left. Was everything done legally? Maybe instead a golden handshake, they should have been given the golden boot.

The expansion of the pilot programs into other areas took away from the main school. Sell the satellite buildings and cancel leases in little-used outlying areas. Focus on the main campus. Don't build new buildings and then cut classes. Put money into the existing buildings and existing classes while adding more advanced classes. Don't cut classes and layoff faculty. More classes, more students, more money. CR board and administration: Listen to your community.

Alvis Lang, Eureka

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