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According to Plan? 


Thank you to George Clark for pointing out (Mailbox, Sept. 28) what was glaringly absent from Peter's Child's analysis ("Overlooked," Sept. 1) of how the "age of innocence" that he and other back-to-the-landers so fondly remember is now morphing into a "greed rush" that will not only drain our rivers and destroy our environment, but will also lead to materialism and greed further dominating our community's values.

HumCPR and the gang-of-four it helped to elect to the Board of Supervisors and that board's subsequent appointments to the Humboldt County Planning Commission, including members of HumCPR, has been the ultimate "foxes in charge of the hen house" scenario. Now these same self interest are writing our General Plan Update (GPU), which will doom Humboldt County to the desire of the developers, land speculators and greed-growers.

The fact is that millionaire Lee Ulansey (formerly of Beverly Hills) was brilliant in how he hoodwinked SoHum old timers into thinking that since he opposed code enforcement, he was their ally when his desire all along, as that of most of HumCPR's largest funders, is to subdivide their TPZ zoned land (e.g. Lee's property in Kneeland or Bill Barnum's 20,000 acres), in order to build McMansions and mega-grows through out our former forest lands.

In the end, these new neighbors will be the bane of many, but none more so then the old timers in the hills, Peter included.

Richard Salzman, Arcata

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