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A Difficult Conclusion 


My husband and I tried to figure out this article over breakfast today, and, after giving it plenty of time and rereading the article, we had more questions than answers ("Crumbling Foundation," Sept. 23). How does the CSU Chancellor's office have the right to extract $3,000,000 from the Sponsored Programs Foundation, a "quasi-independent body"? Why did the foundation split into two separate entities in 2004? Why does it take 50 to 60 people to administer a fund of $4,200,000? Who are these people, and who currently employs them? Why is State Sen. Leland Yee so hot to bring the foundation under the "aegis of the California Public Records Act"? Why was Nikola Hobbel, a foundation board member, not told of the university's plan to bring the fund "stateside"? Why can't the Provost figure out a way to keep the foundation "on the auxiliary side"?

One thing, however, was crystal clear. Once the university brings the Sponsored Programs Foundation "stateside," the cost of administering the fund will increase, and the amount of money trickling down to students and researchers will decrease.

Marilyn Andrews, Arcata


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