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Jud Ellinwood's letter in the Aug. 1 issue, ("Train Talk") hit the nail on the head when he said "Humboldt County wants and deserves better."

There seems to be different, sometimes opposing views, but few on what is best for Humboldt County. Most of us just want things to get better for Humboldt County because we also believe what Ellinwood does.

"About that Speech" ("Mailbox," Aug. 1) elicited strong opinions on both sides. I don't know Dan Johnson, but college graduate or not, he is a successful businessman and his ethics should have made him realize it is not OK to take credit for something he had no role in creating.

Those defending him are not helping him by referring to what he "gives." More than plagiarism, it is Mr. Johnson's error in judgment where he felt he could use his position as a speaker to single out his daughter on a day when all graduates earned that celebration.

Whether he resigns or not, Mr. Johnson needs to show his remorse through some action and not words elicited because he got caught doing something wrong.

John Chiv, Eureka

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