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Vote Seaman! 


Eureka has a big decision ahead: voting for our next mayor. When you look at the candidates, it may seem like a difficult choice between Susan Seaman, a local economic development expert, and Heidi Messner, a current council member and local pastor. Both are well qualified and present positive visions for the city. However, this doesn't have to be a difficult decision because we can have them both. 


Heidi is currently two years into her four-year council term. If Susan Seaman is elected, Heidi will remain on the city council. Heidi has been a strong council member, and by electing Susan Seaman mayor, we will allow Heidi to serve her full term as a council member — a commitment she accepted when elected to the position.

I urge you to carefully consider this situation. This fall, vote for Susan Seaman, and keep Heidi on the city council. 

Anna Sofia Amezcua, Eureka


As the executive director of a local environmental advocacy nonprofit (and a Eureka homeowner), I am proud to support Susan Seaman for mayor of Eureka.

Susan understands that climate change is a real and dire threat to the city. Models of sea level rise show that many low-lying areas will be inundated by a rising bay in the near future. Susan recognizes that the best response to this threat is good city planning. As a community, we need to plan for which areas will be armored against rising tides and which areas we will allow to return to salt marshes. Through better city planning, we can promote new infill development, which will not only reduce our carbon footprint but will also create better neighborhoods and a more walkable/bikeable city.

Please join me in voting Susan Seaman for mayor on Nov. 6. 

Thomas Wheeler, Eureka


After attending both the candidate forums at the Labor Temple last week I've been reflecting on the choices our community has ahead of it. When considering the mayoral race, candidates Susan Seaman and Heidi Messner are both well qualified and present positive visions of the city.

Ultimately my decision to vote for Susan stemmed from the realization that a win for Susan is also a win for Heidi, and the Eureka City Council. Heidi still has two more years on her four-year city council term. Ward 2 voted Heidi in and continues to need her representation.

Overall Heidi presented an incredibly compassionate vision for Eureka and I would love to see that vision continue to be reflected on the city council. Heidi's compassion paired with Susan's economic development experience is exactly what Eureka needs. This fall, vote for Susan Seaman, and keep Heidi on the city council.

James Kloor, Eureka

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