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Vote Castellano! 


Leslie Castellano is a welcome breath of fresh air in this turbulent storm of name-calling politics. She brings compassion and common sense to the table that is open for everyone to participate. She's been an active member of the art and culture scene for years, promoting those around her to do and be better.

Vote for Leslie Castellano for Ward 1 because it's the right thing to do.

Jasmin Segura, Eureka 


When I met Leslie five years ago, I was intimidated by the reputation that preceded her: the best aerialist in town, an accomplished artist dedicating her life to her work and the director of a thriving art space, Synapsis. On our first meeting, my feelings of intimidation vanished and I was struck by her humility, welcoming smile and genuine interest in including me as a part of her community.

Since then, we've become colleagues, friends and mutual supporters. We have produced shows together at Synapsis Nova; a venture which serves as a testament to her success as a business owner and purveyor of the arts. It is because of her ability to accomplish, paired with her passion for community and compassion for humanity, that I support her bid for city council. She will bring a new energy to the chambers while working tirelessly to benefit the lives of all Eurekans.

McKenzie Dibble, Arcata


It has been my pleasure to live and work in Eureka for the last 10 years. I have also experienced the unfortunate reality of Eureka's rising property crime rates and I see every day the houseless people and families who live in the neighborhoods where I live and work.

Eureka needs a city council that is at once compassionate, optimistic, inclusive and forward thinking in order to achieve real and lasting change that benefits all of our citizens. I believe Leslie Castellano has the passion, skills and experience that it takes to serve the diverse population that makes up Ward 1.

She has repeatedly proven her ability to work with varied groups of people to organize and bring projects to completion. I value the experience she has as a small business owner as well as a board member of the Ink People Center for the Arts. Leslie Castellano for Ward 1!

Rachel Griffith, Eureka


I'm a resident of Eureka's Ward 1 writing to address our city council race. Like a lot of my neighbors, I work for a living and it's sad to me how few folks in our straits vote, especially in local elections. Working folks seriously underestimate how qualified we are to judge candidates. A political campaign at its heart is a job interview and who better to judge job interviews than people who have to do them?

Myself, I've had interviews where I knew the job and cared about doing it well and I've had interviews where I grasped at whatever I thought I needed to say to get hired. Watching the candidates for our ward's seat on the city council, it's become very clear to me the only one giving that first kind of interview is Leslie Castellano. Watch one of the candidate forums if you don't believe me!

Christopher Musgrave, Eureka


I have spent recent weeks canvassing with my daughter, Leslie Castellano, in Ward 1. Meeting neighbors, sharing ideas, hearing concerns, shaking hands — have all given me a sense of the community that Leslie has come to love and devote her talents to. It is hard to have Leslie so far from home the past 21 years, but I am so glad that the city of Eureka's positive thinking and commitment to its people make it a great place to live and thrive.

Thank you Ward 1 for your vote for Leslie and also to all who support her.

Debra Self, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida


I am writing in support of Leslie Castellano for Eureka City Council, Ward 1. Leslie's organization, Synapsis, and the Black Faun Gallery have shared the first floor of the St. Vincent de Paul building in Old Town, Eureka, for two years.

During that time, Leslie has demonstrated her tireless commitment to improving the quality of life for all Eureka residents, especially for some of our most vulnerable neighbors. Leslie is a supportive colleague in business and artistic endeavors with abundant intelligence and innately creative problem solving skills. The city of Eureka's residents and businesses will benefit greatly with Leslie Castellano as a city council member.

Claire Reynolds, Blue Lake


Empathy. Innovation. Action. 

As a society, these are the qualities that are necessary to create healthy, thriving communities that solve problems, embrace diversity and move toward a peaceful sustainability. As an artist and entrepreneur, Leslie Castellano has spent her career embracing these concepts. Leslie has a keen intellect, a big heart and a willing ear. She has embraced difficult conversations, has heard from people from all walks of life and been moved to action on numerous issues. 

I could not agree more with Mr. Sanborn's letter Oct. 18: Vote Castellano!

The time has come to bring the artists to the table. To build empathy, inspire innovation and move us all to action. Eureka has this opportunity with Leslie Castellano. May the opportunity not be lost.

Jacqueline Dandeneau, Blue Lake


Leslie Castellano is such an amazing person that it is hard to do her justice in a letter of 150 words or less. To me she is a kind, creative, humorous person who is my aerial silks teacher.

To the community she is an artist, a performer, an activist and a volunteer. She is a very important person to the community and is one of the most caring, compassionate, creative humans I've ever met. She is very inspiring! Leslie is a person who could bring whatever was needed to city council because she is smart, dynamic and hard-working.

I've never met anyone like Leslie. She brings out the best in everyone and every situation. Leslie is very dedicated to what she believes in and I believe in her. I'm grateful to know her and call her my friend. 

Annalee Opal, Arcata

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