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The Terra-Gen vote on TV, for all of Humboldt County to see, showed that Rex Bohn voted in favor after it was obvious the proposal would go down.

So to ask, to whom was he beholden, seems a reasonable inference. Virginia Bass had the decency to change her vote when the outcome was obvious. Rex should have done the same. I'd also like to add that this current supervisor of ours (allegedly) made an inappropriate comment about a group of Humboldt citizens. We don't need that. My vote goes to Cliff Berkowitz. Muchas Gracias.

Carol Michael, Fields Landing


When it comes to being clueless, the incumbent First District candidate takes the cake. If it's not voting for the Terra-Gen project, it's making racist comments. It's backing a bad public defender until it cost $25,000 to get rid of him. It's backing bad ideas, such as building a liquid natural gas terminal or a $10 billion East-West rail-line. It's ignoring Humboldt County Fair Association's violations of the Brown Act. It's responding to whistle blower Karen Paz Dominguez, who alerted the board to problems with the Auditor-Controller Department, by saying, "If my number two [employee] came to a meeting and made statements like she made ... I think I would of shit myself." It's claiming credit for Redwood Fields in Cutten when it was former Supervisor Stan Dixon who did the heavy lifting.

The best call? Get rid of him. Support Cliff Berkowitz for First District supervisor.

David Holper, Eureka


I am in whole-hearted support of Sean DeVries for Second District supervisor. He is the only one not taking corporate contributions. That should give you a clue that he will work very well with the progressive and the liberal now on the Board. This should end Humboldt County's regressive incarnation as the Deep North.

The Second District incumbent Estelle Fennel is remarkably seeking a third term. Longevity is not a virtue in this case but, excepting DeVries, it is apparently a shared value by all the other competing candidates who publically pride themselves on being here forever! Though in Fennel's case, forever seems to indicate being in office that long.

None of this focus on past performance helps us if we are looking for a future. Vanguard is needed for the coming days of Bernie, not old guard representing the passing away of the influence of an Arkley.

Paul Encimer, Redway

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