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'Very Serious' 


It is obvious that the leadership of Humboldt State University has no vision of what the educational process is about or how it effects the student athletic population in positive ways. HSU athletics was the vehicle for me to obtain a degree that fulfilled my professional goals. My profession was teaching and coaching for some 34 years. If this type of leadership existed at the time I attended HSU, none of the opportunities I have secured would have been available to me and my family.

To hire someone without qualifications in the field of athletics has been a disgrace and disappointment for all who attended the University as a whole and especially those who participated in football. Upper management should be ashamed of what has evolved with the hiring of Duncan Robins in the position of athletic director even though he did not have any prior experience or interest in athletics! He must not be retained as athletic director as a result of this current hiring process.

To eliminate football from HSU athletics is a travesty and illustrates that the current administration has no feel for the outpouring of community support that has happened and also does not realize that HSU football has been an integral part of this community and of the educational environment and process at HSU ("Fans Say Goodbye to HSU Football," Nov. 6). This situation is very serious to the many students who have been a part of this program; and it is obvious that the current administration does not see the effect and doesn't care!

Rex Chappell, Roseville

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