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'Truly Mesmerizing' 


David Wilson's breathtaking photographs are a marvelous way to herald a new year ("North Coast Night Lights," Jan. 3). The truly mesmerizing images capture the wonder that people throughout the ages have experienced when gazing skyward at night.

In a place of natural beauty, the epic cascade of Milky Way stars stretching across the heavens is enhanced by the well-composed setting for each photograph.

The counterpoint of firelight, a trestle, fences and headlights in some of the photos places us in the midst of this beautiful scenery adding to the connection we have with our surroundings. The glow of horizontal moonlight in another adds a touch of mystery to all we can see in the heavens. Thank you David for your artistic renderings of the heavens and to the Journal for such an inspirational first issue of the New Year.

Stephen Avis, Ferndale

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