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'Too Many Questions' 


If you go to Ferndale pastor Tyrel Bramwell's website,, you will find an image of Tyrel with blue hair and earrings (NCJ Daily, Jan. 19). Tyrel claims that a local "LGBTQ nonprofit organization" created it, with the help of "AI," for a fundraiser. Tyrel calls this a California Civil Code 3344 violation. But, Tyrel says, this is a gift to him, and to God, because now he can sell shirts and notebooks printed with the image (and an ironic bible verse) on his Etsy shop and offer up the 20 bucks ($10 for the notebook) "to God in Sunday morning's Divine service."

I can find no evidence online that this image existed before Tyrell created the shirts. Perhaps he is right, and it is a violation. Someone should look into that. Code 3344 violations are based on profit. Does that apply to nonprofits? Also, isn't Bramwell using someone else's art at this point to make a profit on God's behalf? Too many questions.

Oh, yeah. I did buy six shirts for counter-speech purposes, and a notebook. I think my Etsy purchase is protected by some transparency law since it's for God and all. How can I be sure that God gets my 150 bucks plus shipping?

I hope my notebook comes soon. The semester is getting on.

Joe Fox, Ferndale

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