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'Too Late' 


Gas Prices have soared in recent weeks and seem poised to go even higher. Locals are screaming bloody murder, as we have some of the highest prices in the entire U.S. I've seen speculation in print here and elsewhere that in order to mitigate global warming, gas prices will have to at least double. Can you imagine $10 or more per gallon? Unfortunately for those that must drive, that could force many into poverty. Given the reaction to gas going up a buck or two, I'm afraid that is going to be a steep climb to get the necessary public support for that level of price increase.

Now some may point to the overwhelmingly successful efforts to vaccinate a high percentage of people against the pandemic. "Their life depends on it, just like the climate crisis and people will cooperate once they know the stakes" ... says no one. Despite the best of intentions, I do not see the ocean liner turning in time to avoid hitting the iceberg of climate change. Scientists say disastrous change is already baked in and avoiding the more pernicious effects may already be too late ("The Top 10 Stories of 2021," Dec. 30). Please don't shoot the messenger, but do grab your water wings.

 John Dillon, Eureka

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