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'The Biggest Challenge' 


I read your article and found it informative. I have been an absentee voter in California for years. The state and county election officials need to be sure they have verified:

1. That you are who you say you are, and

2. That you are a citizen of the U.S.

I have been disappointed by the answers given when I asked officials how they went about this. They say, "We take their word for it" and that there is a penalty for lying. That's it. Apparently no research or checking is involved. This is a major potential problem in California, given the number of non-citizens residing within the state. Some big changes need to be made in regard to this issue.

To state that there have been few instances of ballot fraud in the past does not necessarily accurately predict the same for the future. There is tremendous unrest within the country and, if you believe the news, there are many who want to disrupt the normal way things are done in favor of their own agenda.

I support law and order, fairness and liberty for all.

Bruce Cattle, Rio Dell

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