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Spartina and MSM Lies 


Once again, Uri, who is a practical environmentalist, is right on (Mailbox, Aug. 29). If you have any concept of geologic history, you understand what is now considered a native species was geologically, at some time, invasive species. That, folks, is the nature of the beast.

As he has said repeatedly, why would you rip up all the European beach grass that is doing its job to allow the resurgence of the "native species" when the current climate possibly would not support them? The end result of which will be a complete loss of the dunes as they march into the bay. Check Centerville and the Arcata Mad River beach areas and see how that is working.

Your postscript of Rick Brennan's letter, "The Big Show," made his point (Mailbox, Aug. 22).

Your response was a "lie by omission." To simply say that the Mueller report "did not exonerate the president" implies that there was Russian collusion, when, in fact, it was referring to a possible (though not probable) obstruction of justice regarding the investigation itself.

Rick's charge that we cannot trust the "Drive by Media" [to possibly include The Journal (?)] was no less supported by the Journal editor's lie by omission.

Charlie Giannini, Fortuna

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