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I have read to two letters regarding Humboldt becoming a sanctuary county, one for and the other against (Mailbox," Oct. 11). The one opposed gave facts, but threw in some emotions, too. The one for sanctuary began with a letter addressed to a friend of and friend, which by the way was anonymous. Sounds like the New York Times. This letter berated anyone supporting sanctuary as a traitor, evil, etc. I was not impressed. Then the pro sanctuary writer began his own rant calling those who don't agree with him evil, racist, etc. Sounded like the same person wrote both pieces. Both used emotions, demonizing and name calling to push their program.

I am surprised that the Journal would print letters like that. I need facts to decide how to cast my vote, not raw emotions that give little or no information. This Hispanic man has not decided on how to vote yet. But I can tell you for sure that letters like the ones presented will do little to influence my vote.

Is it possible that someone who doesn't agree with you is not evil, but just has a different opinion?

Eric Cortez, Eureka

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