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First, I have to acknowledge Gordon Inkles as the fine writer that he is (Mailbox, June 23). But he says he missed my alternative to foul language in political debate. My letter listed five good examples of the alternative. Google Hakeem Jeffries or Chris Murphy on gun control, or Taiara Tamminga on biased policing, or Katie Porter on political corruption, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on just about anything.

Only two hours ago, we got the devastating news that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Yes, there has already been some cursing here at home about that — but we are a two-person choir.

Maybe the language used in public discourse has changed and I'm too old now to appreciate it. However, profanity doesn't help at all in changing other people's minds — and more often has the opposite effect. That's why most of us have given up reading online comments. If we express our opinion publicly, we most likely hope our opinion will sway at least a few others — I just don't believe crude language is an effective way to do that.

Alan Sanborn, Arcata

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