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It's important to consider a candidate's qualifications before you vote, so here is a list of qualifications for one presidential candidate.

He possesses a broad business background. He's had six hotel/casino businesses file for bankruptcy and has sold shoes, Bibles and personal trading cards, as well as begged for donations, all on the internet.

He likes to make bold claims. He bragged that he could get Mexico to pay for a border wall, which didn't happen. He also has stated repeatedly that he won the 2020 election and that the Capitol insurrectionists are really patriots.

He's been a TV star. He hosted a business reality show but was forced to leave for making derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants, accusing many of being criminals or rapists.

He has an unparalleled moral code. He bragged that when you're a star, you can just grope women. He's also a convicted felon for falsifying business records.

He takes care of his friends. He had tax laws passed that overwhelmingly benefited rich individuals and large corporations. He loosened business regulations as well, recently meeting with corporate CEOs promising more of the same.

He has a simple platform, "retribution." He promises to get even with all his perceived political enemies by weaponizing the federal government against them.

Of course I'm describing the qualifications of ex-President Donald Trump. If you can find any reason above to support him, you are likely either a bigot, a libertine, a corporate CEO or an autocrat lover. Better to give Trump a pass and let him return to what he's good at, internet sales and begging for money.

No matter who the Democratic candidate is, be it President Biden or not, I'm sure it will be someone with none of these qualifications. 

Sherman Schapiro, Eureka

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