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No Time to Waste 


Thanks to Jennifer Savage for the compellingly written "Hey Reporters!" (Oct. 3). The underreporting of the looming climate catastrophe has been nearly as criminal as the politicians and industries knowingly responsible for it — sort of making us all unwitting accomplices as we blithely continue our greenhouse gas-producing and carbon-sequestration destroying habits.

Reports of massive declines in non-human life on earth recently published in the National Academy of Sciences, IPBES Global Assessment, and Journal of Science, should have been national news headlines. Everyone in California should know the accelerating risks of wildfire and its causes. Everyone in Humboldt should know Aldaron Laird's findings on sea level rise and flooding.

And, as Jennifer says, daily time equal to the Dow Jones report should be given to updates on where we stand in GHG output, the time left to reverse the trajectory, and the increasingly deadly consequences of approaching that seemingly small 2.6 degree global warming. We need every computer genius working on this.

But even though our media might be dropping (or hiding) the ball, we must accept that we are all to blame and not waste time being defensive. This is so big, every one of us has to change. Now. 

Joyce King, McKinleyville

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