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'No One Will Win' 


What has happened to balance, critical thinking and working together? It seems to me people gravitate en masse to a viewpoint then stick with it beyond reason if it means suggesting some aspect different from theirs might have merit, too (Mailbox, July 4).

Pot cures cancer, calms your dog and heals what ails you. Or it's a gateway drug to lethargy and hard drug use. The death penalty is mandatory. The right to life is mandatory. The right to choose is mandatory. Taxes are evil, why does the government need my money? They should fix the roads; the schools; the homeless problem; put more cops on the beat. All corporations are bad, all protesters are criminals, lawyers are tricksters, no one would get paid to do something they believe in. All people are created equal ... in the eyes of God ... in the eyes of the Founding Fathers ... unless they're different from us, from somewhere else, or my people are more equal than other people or ... What?

With any controversial topic, you see sides digging for reasons not to work together, even if it means blindly stereotyping, random selfish tendencies (what's in it for me?), and ignoring any points or overall issues that point to a positive note on the other side.

In my humble opinion, these attitudes put us, our communities, our world, in a stagnant position where even important things cannot get done because we are, to use an old idiom, unable to see the forest for the trees.

Currently, the issue for me is the very real and very current effect our numbers and our lifestyles are having on our habitat. It is not sustainable. It is changing fast. And we will fight tooth and nail while the clock runs out. And no one will win.

Dottie Simmons, Dinsmore

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