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'No Money, No Labor' 

Lynn Kerman, Eureka


Contrary to Trump's vow to keep government shut until he gets wall funding, the government is not shut down. What is happening is that government workers and the Coast Guard are working without pay.

Being a union worker in my years of employment, it is incomprehensible to me how workers will keep working without pay. If you are not paid as an employee, you walk. Period. No money, no labor. It's demeaning to ask workers to keep working and have garage sales to make ends meet. A country/government should not have public safety and military protections if they are not going to continually fund them. There should be no such provision that public safety or military defense could end because there is no government funding, especially in the United States, where we have a national debt that surpasses $23 trillion. If we need money, we print it!

Union leadership of old must be rolling around in their graves at the union leadership of the government workers working without pay and the workers themselves who are willing to do it. If all the air traffic controllers walked and the TSA employees walked, all our airports would be shut down. If all the government employees working without pay walked, Washington D.C. may really be shut down. The admirals and leadership of the Coast Guard should tell their troops to stand-down, except for only the very most protective services. That would end this bullshit shut down. As long as employees will allow themselves to be shoved around, they will be, especially with an ego-manic bully like Trump. I'm fearful for the future of employees in the USA, if their actions in this "shut-down" are an example of their approach to employment. Labor always has the power if they take it.

Dennis Ohligschlager, Eureka

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