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Nigilax̂ Gratitude 


The recent story about the Unangax̂ nigilax̂ that was built here on Wiyot ancestral lands and launched on the Sonoma County shores of the Kashaya Pomo people leaves me filled with gratitude ("Launching Nigilax̂," June 8), first, for writer Ruby Cayenne for covering the significance so well, and for the North Coast Journal for printing the story.

The building of this vessel was truly a community project from inception through the launch ceremony, and simply couldn't have happened without the dedicated hearts and hands of so many people. Big thanks to the Ink People Center for the Arts, who we operate under and with, to the California Arts Council, GHD Foundation, Agnes Darnell-Larsen Foundation, the Ounalashka Corporation, and many generous local businesses and private donors for funding support. We also wish to acknowledge and thank the numerous volunteers who dedicated themselves to the hard work of building and sewing the vessel over the course of several weeks. Qagaasakuq — thank you to the Wiyot Tribe for giving us the blessing to hold this project here in Ferndale, to the Kashaya Pomo Tribe for welcoming the launch at Metini and to the many tribal communities in northern California and Alaska for taking part in this important moment.

Finally, we wish to thank Fort Ross State Park and the Fort Ross Conservancy for valuing and supporting this event.

Marc Daniels, Ferndale

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