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I cut out your article entitled "Looking for Aliens" (Jan. 3) and read it again. I wanted to ask you to help us all to exercise our critical thinking skills and to learn how to appreciate the scientific method with its abilities to separate possibility from probability. As you might know, our world is becoming addicted to easy answers, television fantasy and the refusal of people to read, discuss and to get excited so as to want to understand more.

These tendencies have manifested themselves in a president who seems to be on the verge of dementia. Here we are at the center of the world's power and economy, and we have a chief executive who would rather eat cheap hamburgers and watch television than craft public policy (except when he can do so in a most seemingly immature and shallow manner).

Therefore, I ask you to write more about alien life ... and to continue to publish work that is worthy of reading. We need more critical thinking like stuff about alien life!

Dan Wargo, Arcata

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