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Misprint or Satire? 


I am confused by your Health and Wellness Issue (Jan. 19). It contained virtually no articles on health and wellness, at least as depicted on the cover. Nothing about exercise, meditation, check-ups with a doctor, etc. Sure, there was the article about medical insurance. And abortion can be considered a health issue. At least the article "Everybody Works Together" had something directly related to healthy food. So I have to wonder, was the cover a misprint?

I suppose it could be satire in the spirit of the "Wytch Wellness" article — which was the only piece to directly address health and wellness, albeit filled with snarky tantrums and flat-fallen humor. I cannot help but wonder if Jennifer Fumiko Cahill's line "Stop punishing yourself with exercise" was not satire but NCJ's actual stance on health and wellness. I mean, how many proactive, encouraging and optimistic health and wellness articles did you write during the pandemic? Compare that with how long you ran the double-paged cigarette advertisement and one can become concerned about the NCJ's stance on how to approach and achieve health and wellness.

Ross Burns, Eureka

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