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Fifth District Supervisor 


Larry Doss is the best candidate running for Fifth District Supervisor. Larry grew up in Humboldt and is well known in the community for his 45 years of local volunteerism and 14 years of elected public service. As a longtime local business owner, Larry has provided jobs and housing for many and is well respected for his honesty, his fairness and his problem solving skills.

Larry knows that business deals or agreements are only successful when everyone walks away as a winner. As a supervisor, Larry will work to find solutions that benefit all. After four years of mostly unrealistic and uninformed talk and no results to show from the current supervisor, Humboldt is in need of a leader who achieves public safety, housing, fire services, safe roads, reliable and proven water sources for all. Please vote Larry Doss for Fifth District supervisor.

Katrin Homan, McKinleyville


As a citizen of the Fifth District, I am endorsing Larry Doss for supervisor.

Heres' why:

I have known and respected Larry for over 30-plus years — effective listener, bright, compassionate and real.

Larry loves Humboldt — its people, land and culture. Us, too!

Larry runs an amazing/successful business with people who regard him as the gold standard.

Larry has faithfully served the public good in Humboldt County in many capacities for many years.

Larry is stellar in his communication skills, connection with all kinds of people, and in building relationships/coalitions.

Larry understands the challenges ahead ... affordable housing and smart growth with the environment in mind.

His ideas and values around the environment, jobs, healthcare, fisheries, jobs, business and future Humboldt generations-make him the obvious candidate.

I highly encourage you and your family to vote for Larry Doss for Fifth District supervisor!

 Scott Hammond, McKinleyville


Steve Madrone is tops as a leader:

He is an excellent thinker, who absorbs, evaluates and integrates vast amounts of complex information.

Forty-six years of observations and experiences in his district make him an excellent predictor of long-term outcomes.

He is a lover of problem-solving, and his respect for all stakeholders and grasp of realities result in solutions with high probabilities of success.

His energy, productivity, and list of accomplishments are enormous 


And as a human being:

 He is motivated by the common good, and measures himself not by position or gain, but by his service to community.

He is devoted to the family he and his wife have raised — four children and 16 grandchildren, most of whom remain close by.

His approach to all life is positive and respectful, giving him long and loyal personal and professional relationships.

We need four more years!

Joyce King, McKinleyville

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