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Fifth District Supervisor 


I'll be voting for Steve Madrone on June 7. His service to the county and its people goes far beyond the four years he's served on the board of supervisors. I've known him since our Boy Scout years and over the decades seen him become a key driving force for everything good for our county, from the Hammond Trail and watershed health to sensible community planning and and public safety.

He brings much needed balance and intelligence to the board, while also being respectful (and responsive) to a multitude of viewpoints.

Greg Jaso, McKinleyville


I met Supervisor Steve Madrone in 2002 and since then, Steve has consistently been an asset to our community, always finding creative solutions to our complicated issues on the North Coast.

He played a pivotal role in developing the Hammond Coastal Trail, where many of us taught our kids how to ride a bike. Steve picked up several tons of trash around our community during the PacOut Green Team Community Clean ups, where he has volunteered his time on the weekends for a decade.

Steve has been an asset to the fishermen, tribes and local ecosystems by bringing in millions of dollars for restoration during his tenure at RCAA, the Mattole Salmon Group and as Humboldt County supervisor, including the largest dam removal project in the world on the Klamath River.

Steve's record has proven that he has the vision, experience and local relationships to represent our community and I encourage you to vote Madrone!

Bob Pagliuco, McKinleyville


After watching the KMUD forum on candidacy for Humboldt County supervisor, the choice is clear for Steve Madrone to continue his work on the board. Madrone is far the superior in terms of intellect and vision. But even more compelling is his practical knowledge, expertise and experience in watershed management, fisheries and community infrastructure.

He has demonstrated the ability to listen constructively to all sides and act decisively for the betterment of the county, a fact that is verified by the enthusiastic endorsement of across-the-board political and social groups. His principled and dedicated devotion to the people of Humboldt County demands a vote to keep him on the job.

Patty Harvey, Willow Creek


Steve Madrone has been very busy in his first term as Fifth District supervisor. He works not only for the Fifth District, but is very aware of the bigger picture for Humboldt County. He knows the actions we take now are critical in the shaping our future. We need Steve Madrone to continue working for us.

Sam King, McKinleyville


We support Steve Madrone for Fifth District supervisor. We first met him in the '70s when the Emerald Creek Committee was working to expand Redwood National Park. Whether you agreed with the expansion or not, we are all benefitting from the tourist dollars our world-famous redwoods bring.

The kind of work that Steve has done and will continue to do is sound, environmentally-friendly progress. He has lived in Trinidad for decades and will surely be here when we need him to help solve the problems that face any growing region.

Larry Ulrich, Trinidad


During my career as a hydrologic technician with Six Rivers National Forest, I had the opportunity to work extensively with Steve Madrone and his colleagues at Redwood Community Action Agency. A wide array of projects were undertaken to improve recreation opportunities and to benefit fish, wildlife and plant communities. Steve set a fine example for knowledge, flexibility, innovation and ability to convey a sense of ownership, stewardship and enthusiasm for each project to his work crews.

When I supported Madrone four years ago, I knew that these attributes would serve him well as Fifth District supervisor. His attention to detail and commitment to bridge-building have been hallmarks of his first term.

Steve's tenacity will ensure that projects that include the Great Redwood Trail will be brought to fruition. Vote to re-elect Madrone!

Tom Leskiw, McKinleyville

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