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Fake News! 


Mr. Richard Salzman quotes an article from the HSU publication, The Lumberjack, Sept. 19, citing it as evidence of the dangers of campus life. I found this alarming as I have a son soon to join that honored institution. After looking up the article online and perusing it, I realized that Mr. Salzman was either misquoting the article or misinterpreted the information as its main gist is the administration is shortening the broadcast hours of live entertainment.

Ironically, this particular issue that contains this letter (Mailbox, Oct. 4), has as its cover story "The Real Fight Against Fake News." 

Michael Mathe, Colfax


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your superb presentation of the troubling issues that seldom reach our poorly informed citizenship ("The Real Fight Against Fake News," Oct. 4) by Paul Rosenberg. It underscores the real value of the NCJ and allows concerned people access we seldom have the time or energy to ferret out on our own.

America must wake up.

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville

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