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District Attorney 


As a former employee of the district attorney's office who worked with both Stacey Eads and Adrian Kamada, I am very happy to support Stacey. She has shown a dedication to Humboldt County by returning after graduating law school, taking a job in the DA's office, growing and advancing up the ranks.

She has participated in and prosecuted some of the more sensitive and difficult cases to pass through our court system with grace. During my time in the DA's office, anytime I came to her needing something for my position, or just a question, she always took the time to help. It is her professionalism, experience and leadership abilities that make her the right choice, so please join me and cast your vote for Stacey Eads!

Tedd Childs, Arcata


Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Stacey Eads on the topic and issues related to human trafficking and child abuse in Humboldt County. ADA Eads is the lead prosecutor and oversees the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Crimes Prosecution Team. It was apparent, as ADA Eads presented the facts and gave examples of real-life cases of such horrific crimes against children in Humboldt County, that her passion and commitment to achieving justice for the young victims in these cases, while providing a safe and supportive environment for them, was her top priority.

The outcome of this election may put current priorities in jeopardy. If you agree that our children deserve the attention, compassion and resources dedicated through the District Attorney's Office, vote for ADA Stacey Eads as our next district attorney.

Melinda Ciarabellini, Eureka


It is clear, that our assistant district attorney, Stacey Eads, is the candidate with the integrity to be our next district Attorney. I had the privilege of having worked with Stacey at the District Attorney's Office for 13 years, and she has the experience and knowledge to lead the office. Stacey has been with the District Attorney's Office for over 20 years and has tried some of the most heinous of crimes against children.

As assistant district attorney, Stacey handles administrative duties while personally handling her own case load. She is the only candidate who has supervisory experience in the largest law office in Humboldt County. She has budgetary experience and experience developing policy and procedures for the office. Stacey is endorsed by our current district attorney, Maggie Fleming and Sheriff Billy Honsal. She is also endorsed by a host of current and retired law enforcement officers, attorneys, county board of supervisors, as well as county and city officials.

We need a person of Stacey's experience, ability and moral principles to lead the district attorney's office into the future. Please join me and vote for Stacey Eads for Humboldt County district attorney.

Mike Losey, Fortuna


We are lucky that in the race for Humboldt County district attorney, as in the race for superior court judge, we have two good, qualified people running. I've written previously of my support for Ben McLauglin for judge, and the key deciding factor for me in that race applies in the DA's contest.

All the candidates in both races are experienced prosecutors, as all four have worked as Deputy DAs. What I feel sets two of these candidates apart, Ben McLauglin in the judicial race and Adrian Kamada in the DA's race, is that these two are the only candidates who have also worked as public defenders. It is an all too-rare quality in judges, and especially rare in district attorneys, to have not only worked as a prosecutor but as a public defender, as well.

Adrian Kamada will get my vote for DA. Check out to learn more.

Richard Salzman, Sunny Brae

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