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Thank You Margaret Emerson (Mailbox, March 24)!!

I drive 55, too, specifically since the Terra Gen proposal was defeated. Driving 55 actually became a hot topic then ... several letters were even published in the North Coast Journal regarding the practice and how beneficial it would be. I have seen maybe three or four motorists besides myself going slower. Boy, do people fly by.

It's a shame it's come down to scrambling for the right things to do. When I was little, I remember when the word "smog" was coined and what it meant. We've had since the '70s to start paying attention to warning signs of things to come. It was too inconvenient ... Then in 2006 a message of what the near future will probably resemble was presented and it was: An Inconvenient Truth.

Money is might, so a lot of time has been squandered and resistance has been strong against alternatives in energy, etc. The other unfortunate outcome of this is where we are now. We could've made so many advances ... Russia's oil could've been a non-issue ... European countries could've been experiencing energy independence ... who knows?

We have created a god-awful mess for the entire globe. It's just such a shame.

But, you do hold the power to drive 55! And you have the power to not drive when unnecessary. As M. Emerson stated, "It is so little to ask." Amen!

Kathryn Travers, Eureka

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