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About Those Endorsements 


I like to look at who is endorsing candidates to help me decide who to vote for, but in my district's board of supervisors race, three major Native American tribes are endorsing non-Native American Steve Madrone, and Democrats Huffman, McGuire, and Wood, are endorsing non-Democrat Ryan Sundberg.

I'd suggest people read the op-ed piece in the Times-Standard ("Incumbents Endorsing Incumbents," April 26), which explains how our representatives in Congress, Assembly and state Senate ignore the endorsements of our local Democratic central committee to endorse incumbents. Four years ago, Huffman endorsed incumbent Ryan Sundberg even before the filing date for candidates closed. The article says a staff member told the writer that Huffman makes his choice not as our representative or based on party platform, but as an individual who works with the incumbent.

I hope that voters realize that these powerful-looking, out-of-county endorsers aren't looking at what is best for us locally.

Jean Browning, McKinelyville

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