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A 'Sense of Grievance' 


Reading Mr. Silva's letter of April 13 ("Abandoned and Forgotten"), I was feeling very sympathetic after the first two paragraphs and imagining I'd call Mike and Jim at the state capital, as well as my county supervisor, and plead his case.

Then I got to his third paragraph, where he suggested that the lack of compassionate support for his misfortune is due to the compassion we have been sowing for the undocumented. That would include those who harvest our fruits and vegetables, clean our slaughterhouses and work the back of most of our restaurants. He then went on to also blame the war refugees we invited to receive sanctuary in our country.

I suspect those of us most likely to offer Mr. Sliva a handout are not the same people who share his sense of grievance toward others in need. In fact, I bet he'd do better pleading his case if he suggested that he, alongside others on whom misfortune has visited, could use help. It may not have been an earthquake that led to most folks who are homeless, but I bet their own misfortune shook them to the core just the same. Not everyone has the foresight and means to be fully insured in life, and that is why we as a society need to lend a helping hand to those most in need, no matter how their situation came to be.

I hope help comes Mr. Silva and the rest of Rio Del soon.

Richard Salzman, Sunny Brae

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