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'A Major Faux Pas' 

Editor: There is a major faux pas in this week's NCJ (Feb. 2). On the front page, the headline reads: "Hospitals Are Struggling to Meet Earthquake Saftey Deadline." Saftey? The word is spelled "safety," not "saftey." I spotted this as soon as I found the NCJ on the stand. Come on editor, you can do better.

El Arseneau, Eureka


I moved to Eureka a year ago coming up on the 16th of this month and the North Coast Journal was instrumental in settling me in here.

I would read it cover to cover learning about all the exciting venues and places to go and things to do which helped to make me feel at home again. 

I was impressed by the great reporting but even more so by the fact that I could never find a typo virtually anywhere.

Fast forward and in the recent past few months, the typos started showing up, some so egregious that I couldn't believe it. So when I picked up the latest issue and the headline on the cover had the word "safety" spelled "saftey," I felt obligated to act. 

I hereby offer my services as a proofreader to you, and have already stopped by yesterday and left you my contact info.

I dare you to print this. Even Thad's latest piece ("My Grand Uncle Leon," Jan. 19) had a typo at the end.

Dave Aaron, Eureka

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