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'A Basic Change of Attitude' 


Regarding the current and ongoing situation in Israel and Palestine, I realize that the following is not a blueprint for peace, and, what's more, I realize the odds of it happening are next to nothing since decades of mutual grievances have resulted in a pit of hatred so deep that none of the participants can see a way out (Mailbox, Nov. 9). When this current war finally reaches a cease fire, the conditions that lead to it will still be there and will be even more intense. I would suggest that only a basic change of attitude on both sides will prevent the powder keg and pressure cooker that is Israel and Palestine from continuing to blow up, again and again. The basic change of attitude for each side would be a recognition that the other side deserves to freely and fully exist. Here is how that would be manifested.

Israel needs to abandon all settlements, land stolen from Palestine.

Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah each need to confirm Israel's right to exist. Conditions would be imposed painful enough to validate their statements.

The rest will follow.

David Callow, McKinleyville

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