LETTERS - Jan. 1997




The article by Jay Davis, M.D., on "Marijuana sanity" (December, Guest opinion) was sensible and to the point. It's about time we made marijuana laws reasonable; it's probably the most innocuous drug (c'mon, it's really an herb!) being used in the world today.

I want to correct a couple of mistakes in the opening paragraph. First, the law allows Californians to not only possess the dried remnants of the plant, but also to cultivate the plant for personal use. Second, a written prescription is not required: The text of the law states that the prescription may be either written or verbal. Let's hope the sanity continues.

Rick Siegfried, Eureka, IMARF@aol.com



Regarding your article on bay billboards (December, Upfront): I just want to say hooray to the North Coast Railroad Authority for taking a stand.

I understand the worry of local small business owners about our fragile economy. However, I ask them to consider what attracts a tourist to an area.

Visual beauty is a primary factor. Why should our beautiful wetlands between Arcata and Eureka be covered up and littered with advertising? Do local businesses not get any other opportunities to plummel us with advertisements?

And what about the impact on our delicate wetlands? As a long-time resident, I remember the driftwood sculptures along the freeway near Eureka. The powers at hand decided they didn't like them, so they used the excuse that it was damaging to the wetlands to have them removed. Well, what about the billboards?

I support the designation of 101 from Eureka to the Oregon border proposed by Caltrans. A group billboard at both ends of the bay would be a good compromise.

Timothy Gray, Eureka, barkndog@humboldt1.com



I could never have imagined myself sitting in a little room in the Bay Area at 1 a.m. reading the Journal. Life changes too quickly sometimes, and it's all the more evident down here. (Where have all the rhodies gone)?

I take solace in being able to open my laptop anywhere and read the latest news of Humboldt. Thank you for keeping us in touch. I promise to make lots of money and bring it all back home.

Daniel R. Trumm, Dtrumm@aol.com

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