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Re: “The Light on the Bluff

As the truth surfaces from over 37 years,it is clear,all those that want to refuse to clear themselfs of this terror done to the poor and children in central america.(even going on today) are friends with the devil and sit in there wealth,givin them with the blood of the innocents. When I was with Jose Montt,I saw him molesting a child (ten or so years old),drunk ,and smelled like booze and cigars. I was summarally poisoned and later brainwashed and sent away to a fake mission. It took all this time to come out of the poison. Now and then, all the shooting at me proves I am right and I stand with Jesus even today and those that took away our church are the quilty ones with blood on there hands,along with the conservative side of our government. The church was instrumental in rooting out the poor for enialation. I noticed the clicks and snoby rich types take control andthat was where Jesus left with people like those that montt killed. Why doesn't Gospel Outreach cry out how wrong the CIA was for taking the lives of the missionaries we sent with Jose Montt? why dont they repent and preach what happened? If the truth sets you free,how come its to big a pill for g o to swallow and say they were wrong? How about the thousands sent away,poisoned,or killed.from Lolita,cal., so people like montt could get to be preacher,dictator,genocidal born again terror for George Bushes kinder and gentler America? On another note,the girl he molested looks alot like his current wife. How old is she now and how old was she in 1979 Figure that out. 11! Thats sick. you guys sent me away and so many others and let this murderous child mollester take a nation. Now the people flee from there even all these years later. By there fruits you shall know them. well G.O. That fruit is evil. time to change your hearts and really serve god and put your lives on the line for those kids and poor. Help us dear lord god for there sakes. In Jesus name,Mark Z.

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Posted by zzzzz on 09/02/2014 at 12:51 PM

Re: “The Light on the Bluff

Unbeleavable bam bam. Wow.250,000 people were murdered and the church is gone and all you want to do is reminance about the fun you had. Again hippocracy rules at the charlotans churchey conservative butt pipes. Such as this will bring such souls to hell. Denial is the first bite you swallow of your lies. What a shame. My the blood of those innocents lost be on your head as well as the others that share your view. Why,there is nothing wrong with that is there? You will see as your phoney charlotan luke warmness turns into the devils hold around your decieved head and you are also swallowed up in the obis of hell. The place all luke warm fake christians go. What a shame. I am allowed to say,What a jirk. After reading all that is said here,remember your fun and forget the responsibilty you have for the souls now dead and lost. I pray but do not see the creator imbraceing you for this evil within you that you chose over fighting for whats right. Pity.

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Posted by zzzzz on 05/11/2014 at 6:51 AM

Re: “Distilling gold: Fortuna Vodka Maker Wins Big

I don't drink but gotta say thats one glorious looking still. Thats a work of art. I mean I like it but will not taste what it makes. I wish I had one like it. Beats the old barrel and coil type from the boot legging days of my great uncles prohabition boooze running buiz where you had to think to yourself,"Is that safe to drink or could it have lead in the solder seams. They drank it anyways and is part reason many of my mob family didn't servive to old age.

Posted by zzzzz on 04/10/2014 at 9:36 AM

Re: “UPDATE: St. Bernard's Pastor Killed Overnight in Church Rectory

Oh Creator please reach those who will be without Fathers Freed's help now. I Loved this man as a person who stood in defiance of the devil even in the face of danger. Because of his faith and his true service to the cause I am certain he is with our Lord Creator. I was a victum of the CIA backed Jose Efrain Rios Montt that was sent to the lighthouse ranch so to make it look like he was saved there and sent out as a legit priest. ( Obviously he wasnt). Father Freed (a blessed man of humanity and God had been exposing the involvement and reporting the eye witness accounts of the Gautamalan Genocide and years the of deception and horror. Father Freed had helped many from other horrorable genocides to tell there story. Through his ministry and his books, there lives started to heal some, from the murder,then the wonder of how a church could send a hitler after a culture of blamless innocent Mayan indians and kill them all if he could. Infact he took 6 missioaries I knew against a brick wall and shot each in there head- dead in front of the entire village before he ordered his general to bury the entire village alive. Pat Roberson and other churches including my Jim Dirkens- G.O. went with the devil as CIA involvement even in twisting the churches away from there original doctrine and purpose distroyed the lives of many americans here as well. The Lighthouse as you know is gone. and the bloggs about what a great guy Montt is has been rapidly vanishing from there web sites. No call to regroup or repent. Just a huge list of people victumized by the leadership of the ministry that were wrongly sent away and spiritualy harmed seems all thats left. The truth is being covered up. I feel Freed was possibly killed for that reason and not due to just what seems a drunk did. People please pray for the victums,the truth to be exposed, the churches, and for all like Father Freed whom stood boldly to help even knowing this may happen. Maybe it was just as it looks. But, as history is being covered up,will what happened to this saint also be left as such. If all the proff shows this could be likly yet there is a big "Air" of words against people thinking such things out;you can bet it is them...the CIA. P.S. It was my aunt and uncle from Virginia that was used to bring Montt with them to the ranch to apparently case the place out in april of 1977. I got the goods on many of the devils and is the reason I suppose,that I'd been shot at 4 times. And 3 as a missionary for G.O., sowas it just some drunk. A coincidence? Pray and ask God to show you the light. Lightning has a habit of not striking twice in the same place.

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Posted by zzzzz on 03/13/2014 at 8:31 AM

Re: “In Absence

Wow,it seems miss Coosbee has a real bug up her but these days.I will be in town later this spring to discuss the Montt-CIA Genocide/Eureka lighthouse -G.O.;connection to this case and others.Please feel free to to bring your church people involved in hiding the Verbo/Gospel Outreach, Jose Montt CIA, Genocidal priest of Gospel outreach; connection with you to my meeting(to be date and place givin later). Im certain as all hell,that several members are infact CIA infiltraters and traitors to the cause of the gospel,God,the earth, mankind,and yes this nations great intentions of equality.(And still linger with you with the intent of shutting down the truth when someone like me or anyone with the truth and a conscience stands in bravery to face the enemy. He murdered 250,000people and is now waiting trail for genocide again this April. Thank you.

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Posted by zzzzz on 03/13/2014 at 7:45 AM

Re: “The Light on the Bluff

I hope some read the truth here and tell others what happened.Our church had truely gone wrong and even backed killing innocent people. Even that Jim Jones and the Giana cult genocide got its start here. My pastor and I baptised Jose Montt. He killed so many innocent people for Satan and Pat Robertson, and slandered the innocent people. Who's taking Pat Robertson to court for this? How about Bush? The CIA? I ask all to pray that the truth shuts down the evil they created. Is Jim Dirkin reeling in agony in hell, for this great betrayal. I knew he still had a indifferents towards hippies,saved or not. And I knew him enough to know that. My dad was also a buddy of his in the real estate market. Read on the other bloggs to get the rest. Montt poisoned me too!

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Posted by zzzzz on 02/27/2014 at 10:52 AM

Re: “Law Enforcement Responds to Jail Policy Concerns

Father Eric Freed really may have been killed because of the documentation he was gathering and his work exposing the horror of genicide. He was talking about an issue in regards to Gospel Outreach's Lighthouse Ranch connection involving the genocide of 250,000 catholic indians by Jose Efraim Rios Montt. I helped baptise him at the beach with the pastor in the late 70's. He poisoned me when I saw him as a fraud. I have been disabled ever since. The PTL clubs Pat Robertson was behind getting Bush and Reagan to back Montt. It was over the diamonds in the ground that were under the feet of the native villagers. Montt was made a fake priest to be sent down and get voted in as a dictator. The election was a CIA set up. The CIA had infiltrated the christian hippie commune,kicking many honest missionaries types out,killing some,etc. I was spared due perhaps in part that my aunt and uncle (state dept.employed w CIA) brought Montt here to Loleta's lighthouse while together on vacation or so they said. They pulled one over on me and when things didn't seem right,I was sent away to a fake mission. and he had poisoned me. Its taken all of these years to recover to a point of realizing this. Now my mission is to warn what happened. My church has since been bussy deleting the connections to Verbo ministry and comments about what a great guy this Brg . General montt is. He is a genocidal maiac that had sex with an under aged girl. Words for you all to think about as am very ill and I'm I dieing. I still hold Eurekans in my hart in prayer and hope someone will pick up where Father Freed was at and continue to carry the touch for the victums and for the truth that my church forgot was there calling to uphold. And as far a the spiritual issues here too,souls are lost because of what the leaders did at the lighthouse and at our government. Pray for Freeds family and the cause. Pray for me,also. Peace.

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Posted by zzzzz on 02/27/2014 at 10:13 AM

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