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I accept your challenge, Robert C. Van Fleet, to tell you what Jesus would do regarding the homeless issue you referenced ("Mailbox," Jan. 9). I consider myself to be qualified, since I've known Him for 34 years.

He would not be vitriolic and judgmental toward Arkley or misrepresenting and impugning Arkley's issues and intentions toward the homeless, as you were.

The only people that Jesus excoriated were the self-righteous, hypocritical religious leaders.

He would also not condone the destruction or hurt to the community that the homeless often incur.

Yes, He is compassionate and understanding, knowing that it's our own foolishness that ruins our lives.

He would do the same thing with each homeless person as well as those who are impacted by them that He continues to do today, namely reveal Himself to each one as The One that can save them from their sins, challenging them to want to live righteously and godly, as He did as a homeless person.

He wants each one of us to be healed, cleansed and strengthened to the point that we are able to fulfill His great purpose for our lives, which is glorious and fulfilling.

So, I'm saying that Jesus would care about everyone in the community — rich and poor, because quality of life is not His priority, but rather, our salvation and sanctification and ultimate reconciliation with our Father. Quality of life flows out from that restored relationship with God our Father.

Thank you for this discussion.

Jean Damon, McKinleyville

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