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The Text Trail, a limited path indeed.

Thadeus Greenson's article "The Text Trail" (July 21) does not include some background details in the case and trial of former Humboldt County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Jason Daniels. The case was filed within only a few days of the deadline during the term of then District Attorney Paul Gallegos. It continued under the term of current DA Maggie Fleming. The physical DNA evidence had been revealed to be "touched" and therefore invalid under questioning by the defense during the trial. This was only after a winded explanation from the prosecution's expert witness.

The star witness was well known as non-credible within the law enforcement community. After over two years of preparation, this very witness appeared in court so completely inebriated that, not only could she not utter a single word while on the stand, but she was carried away on a gurney by paramedics after nodding out in court. To paraphrase Sgt. Daniel's defense attorney, "This case ended exactly as it should have," in acquittal.

The aftermath of this failed, nearly three-year-long case against Sgt. Daniels may have revealed some unsavory personal text messages. These messages, in whatever context, were potentially "racist," "sexist," "sexually crass," "homophobic," or whatever byword of the social justice narrative that seems to be pervasive in an ongoing national sensation that has now come to the attention of our small Redwood community.

However, good objective journalism would hopefully also observe the failings of the Humboldt County Superior Court: The unnecessary, costly and useless persecution, and termination, of an experienced and proven local law enforcement officer and negotiator. It would be nice to see some investigation into who brought this case about and why, with such a lack of solid evidence, or even a credible witness.

 Luta RD Belcher, Eureka

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