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'What I Wanted to Understand' 


My compliments to Thadeus Greenson for his well-written and informative article ("Undamming (and Restoring) the Klamath," April 13). I worked peripherally on the early planning stages of this project, and his article was just what I wanted to understand in detail how the project will be implemented.

Yantao Cui at Stillwater Sciences produced the model to predict the fate of the sediment that will be released from behind the dam. His model basically gave the green light to proceed because the predicted impacts of the sediment release are relatively minor and short-lived. Because the sediment is so fine-grained and of low density, most should flush from the entire river system in a few years, although turbidity will be high during the process. Of course, how this plays out exactly will depend on the magnitude and timing of the flows after the dams are removed.

Thanks to Thadeus and NCJ for an excellent piece of journalism.

Tom Lisle, McKinleyville

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