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Voodoo and the Flu 


Regarding Dylan Fierro’s letter about the H1N1 virus (“Mailbox,” Oct. 29), there are rumors going around that the H1N1 vaccine is dangerous because it contains mercury. It is true that the vaccine contains mercury, but only in a small quantity — about 1 microgram (mcg). To put this into perspective, a six-ounce can of tuna contains about 60 mcgs of mercury.

The virus has so far killed over 6,000 people worldwide. A few people have died after taking the vaccine, but there is discrepancy on the exact number because it is sometimes difficult to determine a definite cause of death. You cannot just assume that it was the vaccine. Although it is possible that more people may unfortunately get sick or die from this vaccine, many more have already died from the virus. I am not a fan of flu shots or the drug industry, but in order to make an informed, intelligent decision you should follow the facts, not the fears.

And I know that it was Halloween, but did you really have to dig up Ronald Reagan, complete with photo (“The Broken State” Oct. 29)? Just the thought of a zombie Reagan, prince of fiscal darkness, returning from the grave, groaning “If you’ve seen one redwood, you’ve seen them all,” scared the living daylights out of me. Reagan was dead and you made him undead.

Fortunately Reaganomics, voodoo economics and hopefully, free market capitalism have returned to the dark satanic hell from whence they came. R.I.P. — Rotting Investment Portfolios.

Charles Davy, Bayside


I am dismayed at the number of people I come across or see in the media who don’t think vaccines are a good idea. Some even go so far as to suggest some conspiracy theory involving the government and/or the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the objections in this vein suggest that big business/government is just trying to make money off the rest of us. And yes, the drug companies may be telling you to buy their wares, but this is a sales issue. For medical issues you should listen to what the doctors are saying.

Some objections raise the darker specter of “danger” from vaccinations. The one I hear most often is autism. There is no medical evidence that any vaccines contribute to autism! And most doctors will tell you that the danger from any possible vaccine side effects is very small compared to the danger from the diseases these vaccines protect us against, many of which are fatal.

In this “Age of Internet” I am amazed that people still fall for craziness. Doctors say vaccines work. Doctors say the H1N1 vaccine is safer than exposing yourself to a potentially deadly disease. Why not take advantage of science? Listen to what the doctors are saying. They are saying: Get vaccinated!

Ruth Ryan, Eureka

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