Don't Let Access Humboldt Go the Way of Net Neutrality

(December 6, 2018) Humboldt is in grave danger of losing its public access television station. Operated by Access Humboldt, the station is the sole outlet for the artist who creates her own video...

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One Native's Perspective on Turkey Day

(November 22, 2018) The fourth Thursday in November is always a special day in many Native households. For most it's about time off from work (if they have a job as the national...

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Facing the Wind

A fisherman's take on offshore wind

(October 18, 2018) Local fishermen are on the verge of forever losing local fishing grounds to wind power as California trades one renewable resource (seafood) for another (electricity). The state of California and...

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Why the ADA Still Needs Protecting

(July 26, 2018) In 1990, President George H. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), giving people with disabilities assurance they would no longer be excluded from society based on their disability....

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Tribalism and Polarization, And Why We Should Be Concerned

(June 28, 2018) A Google search of tribalism in America returns 664,000 results with headlines like "The New Tribalism and the Decline of the Nation State" and "Can Our Democracy Survive Tribalism?" Recently,...

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Gun Forum Shows Left and Right Can Talk Peacefully

(June 21, 2018) When the young female gun control activist started talking earnestly with the burly firearms pro — a man who had earlier proclaimed that many gun laws don't make sense...

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Why I'm Pulling My Support from KHSU After 25 Years

(June 14, 2018) I first heard of Katie Whiteside's firing from my dear old Mom and thought to myself, "You must have heard it wrong. No, that just can't be." After a few...

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Media Basics for Activists

(June 7, 2018) You have a cause. It's important. You might think that alone would spark media interest. And yet you find your emails going unanswered, your events uncovered, your press releases...

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A Real Answer to the Single-Payer Debate

(May 24, 2018) We pay taxes and local fees for water, sewage, garbage and protection, for essential services and infrastructure — an expected, rational cost for the common good. But there is one...

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The County Needs You

(May 10, 2018) This is the time of year when everyone tells us how important it is to vote. Politicians and journalists remind us of the many historically narrow election results of the...

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Kill the Ivy. Kill it All.

(April 19, 2018) World got you down? Feel helpless, like you don't know how to make a difference? Do I have a mission for you. You can save the world from ivy, starting...

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Charmaine Lawson: 'Why Doesn't My Son's Life Matter Enough?'

(April 12, 2018) It's been a year since my son, David Josiah Lawson, was senselessly murdered and I'm still waiting for justice. His murderer or murderers are still walking free and this tragedy...

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Did Trump Appoint a Non-Native to Native American Ambassadorship?

Marmalade and misrepresentation

(March 22, 2018) Amid a maelstrom of "fake news reports" of indictments, sullied security clearances, resignations, forced resignations, removals and other such sundry vitriol among the many faces of the presidential administration, one...

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Past the Dog Whistles, What’s Really at Stake in the McKinley Statue Debate

Statue or icon?

(March 15, 2018) Last week, an Arcata business leader worried aloud about Humboldt State University's budget crunch as we sat in his office. He knew that if HSU's annual payroll and student spending...

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(March 8, 2018) My wife and I moved from the Los Angeles area to the hills of Northern California in 1971, 7 miles from the nearest paved road — far enough from any...

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