The County Needs You

(May 10, 2018) This is the time of year when everyone tells us how important it is to vote. Politicians and journalists remind us of the many historically narrow election results of the...

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Kill the Ivy. Kill it All.

(April 19, 2018) World got you down? Feel helpless, like you don't know how to make a difference? Do I have a mission for you. You can save the world from ivy, starting...

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Charmaine Lawson: 'Why Doesn't My Son's Life Matter Enough?'

(April 12, 2018) It's been a year since my son, David Josiah Lawson, was senselessly murdered and I'm still waiting for justice. His murderer or murderers are still walking free and this tragedy...

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Did Trump Appoint a Non-Native to Native American Ambassadorship?

Marmalade and misrepresentation

(March 22, 2018) Amid a maelstrom of "fake news reports" of indictments, sullied security clearances, resignations, forced resignations, removals and other such sundry vitriol among the many faces of the presidential administration, one...

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Past the Dog Whistles, What’s Really at Stake in the McKinley Statue Debate

Statue or icon?

(March 15, 2018) Last week, an Arcata business leader worried aloud about Humboldt State University's budget crunch as we sat in his office. He knew that if HSU's annual payroll and student spending...

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(March 8, 2018) My wife and I moved from the Los Angeles area to the hills of Northern California in 1971, 7 miles from the nearest paved road — far enough from any...

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Homeless with a Severe Disability

(March 1, 2018) Eureka, Humboldt's county seat, draws a lot of homeless to the city, which seems natural, for here are the services offered to those in need of them (stating this does...

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Making Amends on the Plaza

(February 22, 2018) I grew up at the base of Fort Humboldt, in the cul-de-sac right across the street. As a child, I played over every inch of that land, including the...

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Not Another Winter to Wonder

(February 15, 2018) I am one of the coordinators of the extreme weather shelter group in Southern Humboldt. Last year was our first year of sheltering. We opened the doors in alternating churches...

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Healthcare Access is a Human Right

(January 18, 2018) Jim Wood, our state assemblymember, in his Dec. 28 Views column, "Setting the Record Straight," attempts to discredit California Senate Bill 562 and its supporters. Wood cites many disingenuous facts....

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Physicians for Single Payer

(January 11, 2018) Our current profit-driven health care system is closing physician practices and burning out doctors. The average American physician spends nearly nine hours a week wrangling with insurance companies and the...

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'The Jury Heard It All'

Why a new trial won't change the outcome of the Borges wrongful death lawsuit

(January 11, 2018) I read Thadeus Greenson's Dec. 2 posting on the Borges defendants' motions for judgment and/or a new trial ("County Swaps Attorneys, Challenges $2.5 Million Wrongful Death Verdict"). I waited until...

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Trinidad, Do the Right Thing

(January 4, 2018) Editor's note: The following is the text of a speech given at a vigil at Tsurai and the memorial to people who lost their lives at sea, in Trinidad, California,...

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Setting the Record Straight

(December 28, 2017) There is a small and very vocal group who continue to criticize and mischaracterize my position on Senate Bill 562, The Healthy California Act, which advocates for a single-payer healthcare...

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The Plaque, The Statue, The General and 1984

(December 21, 2017) The historical plaque recognizing the Jacoby Building in Arcata uses about 65 words in four sentences to inform visitors when it was built and by whom, when he sold it...

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