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Trump Warning 


Why is President Trump so loved when his policies are so harmful to U.S. citizens, our environment, the international scene? I think it has nothing to do with his policies. Rather, it is a cult of personality, developed by those who want him to remain in power for their own purposes. Beware, Americans, or we'll have a Mao or Hitler leading us. Yikes!

Jeanne Mattole, Honeydew


I was quite interested in the recent CNN broadcast that featured an exchange between Trump advisor Stephen Miller and political journalist Jake Tapper.  At one point, Miller states that Trump has "tapped into something magical that's happening in the heart of America." He has tapped into something all right: fear, anger and ignorance.  When these things are considered "magical," we're all in big trouble.

Two people who could stop this tragedy are Ryan and McConnell. Unfortunately they are spineless sycophants who have sold their souls for power.   How long can this fiasco last?

I'm afraid to ask.

Bill Morris, Eureka

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