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Treat or Trick? 


Just picked up the latest North Coast Journal, just as I have done since Judy Hodgson first launched the paper many years ago. But this time, just before Halloween, out pops a business stuffer all about marijuana from Wonderland Nursery (Oct. 16). It features marijuana candies in the form of gum drops, lollipops, fruit strips, crispy treats, cocoa crispy treats and weedeo cookies. All of these look like kids' dream candies. Although the ad says "keep away from children and pets," how would any kid know that his or her Halloween treat was in fact dope?

Two points here. First, parents, beware, because many of us believe the greatest threat in our culture is drugs, and this is a huge threat and not OK. Second, if this is the kind of advertiser that the Journal believes is good business, then we will stop reading the Journal and not shop at Journal advertisers unless the policy changes.

Jim Brown, Trinidad


I am outraged to see a pullout ad from Wonderland Nursery advertising marijuana laced candy, cookies and other treats. In small print the ad warns people to keep these items away from children and pets. Then why are they packaged to attract children? Two weeks before Halloween? This is serious! Children could get sick or even die from these "treats."

Jan Brown, Trinidad

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