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Re: “Straighten Up, Occupy

Solidarity! Verbana's comments are spot on! Her work alone is a testament to the power of one individual consistsntly and constantly fighting for the rights and dignity of the underprivileged in this County. Continue on the good works and keep the heat on EPD! I will try to, in my own way! Thank you verbana, for your articulate and specific comments, bustin out the police; they MUST be accountable for what they did (murder, stereotyping, and tactically targeting the poor and houseless) and do daily. All Power to the People!

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/09/2012 at 6:27 AM

Re: “Occupy not Over

you misunderstand my point; people call me that, I don't; its not my name. Toby insinuates a lesser caste and a slave caste. 'toby' was a colloquial southern term used to dehumanize african americans whom worked on plantations, much similar to the 'uncle tom' stereotype.
And in alex hayleys book Roots, it was the lead character, Kunta Kintay, which was his original African tribes kingly name given to him; its just that when he got shipped over to the 'new world' and sold to rich white people, his white plantation owner gave him the name, Toby to strip him of his very cultural identity. It is colloquially racist for that time during slavery, and is contemporarily racist calling me that now. I am neither master nor slave.
when have I ever said my name was Toby? I'm referring to people calling me that as invoking the horrible atrocities of slavery in this nation (which was in the not so distant past) and still is emblemized with that name meaning one that is of lesser class than that of the white rich majority who indentured whole peoples and engaged in the daily dehumanization of them. anon.r.mous, you are using toby derogitorily in this case, cuz it's not my name, I am neither slave nor master, it rhetorically invokes times in america that I think all of us want to forget anyway, and finally: my name is Tobin. It is of yiddish/askenazic origin, given to me, meaning, 'gift from god/hashem'; and it was given to me be my family (ma and nanna). Not that I really care, but I do find it very disrespectful to: 1) get my name wrong thus trying to delegitimize me, and my family and culture that gave me it, and 2) Cower at the even simple question to ask you what yours name is in return, and for you never to reveal it; this still is pretty cowardly. So, do you still need help with re-education and sensitivity training? My offer for full citiations on every position I've taken is still here too. Again though, you continue to cower and hide behing a nameless post, when all my article and posts are trying to do is try to start and be a part of a meaningful dialogue on matters of social import. It's also about how to make the Occupiers look more palatable to more people and to broaden the network of support and public dialogue about the legitimate concerns and social criticisms that the Occupy movement as a whole is trying to raise to the public space. This is for praxis; to bring thoughts and actions together for a better future for all of us in humboldt, where all inputs are valued, and collectively, voices from the margins can be heard, by working together, networking together, and reacahing out to those whom want to change the world, and do just that, one mind at a time.

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/06/2012 at 8:42 PM

Re: “Occupy not Over

Why does me wanting to be a writer offend y'all so much? Before you read my story, you really had no idea whom I (Tobin W. Steiskal) was.

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/06/2012 at 2:47 PM

Re: “Occupy not Over

I asked you not to call me Toby, that is not my name, and I have never been introduced to you in person; thank you for using my 'slave' name, and as Red Foreman would hopefully agree, you are a 'jackass'.
I was raised better than that though, I would call you by your first name, if you had one. You are creating the excact type of insular community in which you profess to hate, with your own rhetoric.
I still believe that the only stupid question is the one not asked, and I find no humor in the fact that my 'gift' of being educated was won with my own two hands, not given to me by a trust fund account. Again, what have you done today? Have you even attempted to help someone out of the 'gutter'? Do you feel guilty that you can't even use your first name to CLAIM your posts? Or do you have some silly hippy-esque moniker?
Why am I wallowing in my own 'filth' as you so eloquently said? Please address issues, cuz you seem to be still living in wonderland and buying into the uniquely american myth of excluding others, prima facie. American exclusionism is the reason we have the biggest defence department budget on the planet anyway.
Do you still need some research cites? That offer, to help re-educate you, is still on the table as well. Sorry I can't say these things to you in person, so in the spirit of being nice I'll ask again, Would you shake my hand or just turn your head? Again, keep hiding.

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/06/2012 at 2:44 PM

Re: “Occupy not Over

again, cut and paste is fun!!!!: "The very fact you got so twisted up in my commnetary is reason enough for me to continue writing on these topics on the ‘left’ persuasion."
would you shake my hand or turn your head? I certainly was raised better than that, again I'll use the word to describe your words; dolt; keep hiding.

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/06/2012 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Occupy not Over

thank you for your compliment. do you ever have anything nice to say? again, who the hell are you? (pardon my word choice with 'hell'). do you have a name, whom gave you it, and why? thanks again, for six trite, cursory, and absolutely insignificant words. have you or do you answer arguments?

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/06/2012 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Occupy not Over

copied and pasted from a few days agos post: There are countless others whom have worked harder than Me on the Occupy movment here in humboldt and eureka specifically; i am no vanguardist, just one dude writing about it. and, to respond to 'pwatson's post point at the end of that post, quote, "Why is that wrong? Do you honestly believe there can be a society anywhere with absolutely nobody who has more of something (food, shells, money) than others?" 1) the theory, '. . . to each according to their ability, each according to their needs. . . ' (marx) and Michael Alberts modern book, 'Participatory Economics' 2) the quantification: a. the mondragon cooperatives in the Basqe country in spain. b. the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico. c. the Kibbutz system in agrarian Israel. d. Virtually all the social democracies in modern Europe; that fund health care, employment, education, and housing for all, regardless of class or caste. e. a theoretical/pragmatic idea for humbodlt: i. public elections for police officers. ii. proportional representation for governmental elections. iii. direct workplace democracy. iv. harm reduction programs and community based rehabilitation systems and 'criminal' justice tribunals. v. a people driven, collectively decided, Universal Declaration of Human Rights; applicable to all whom live, reside, and work in the County. vi. an accountable public ombudspersons office to check publically those companies and individuals whom 'violate' these terms in the afforementioned 'v.' And these are just a few ideas. As always, I would be willing to help in any part of building any of these instituions within humboldt, as long as they are governed and created, '. . . by the consent of the governed. . . '

Posted by Tobin W. Steiskal on 03/06/2012 at 12:16 PM

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