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Thoughts on Dope 


Warm greetings from the cozy side of giving thanks!

Ellen Taylor is so wrong in fantasizing the end of violence and crime by passing Prop. 19 that I must inject some sense in this fiasco called "progressive thinking" ("Mailbox," Nov. 18). Not one person is in California or federal prison for possessing one ounce of cannabis! Not one! Texas, for sure; elsewhere, maybe. The thing that is criminal about cannabis is not its control -- the current state of decriminalization seems fine -- but rather its industrialization in the hills or in Eureka, legal or illegal.

Why"progressive" and "liberal" people can't perceive the reality in this issue is due, in part, at least, to their own pipedream fantasies about life in general. Growing herb equates to armament manufacturing? What is progress, anyway? Perhaps "one" undermines "one's" own credibility?

Abundance and joy to all!

Klaro Kepke, Redway



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