One Plant, Two Names, Multiple Laws

One Plant, Two Names, Multiple Laws

Supes set to wrestle with hemp ordinance in age of cannabis By Thadeus Greenson

(November 14, 2019) Sitting in the lobby of his brand-new storefront on Arcata's H Street, Humboldt CBD CEO Joshua Hanna opens a jar and rolls a golf ball-sized cannabis bud into his hand....

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Unlicensed and Open for Business

(November 7, 2019) The California Attorney General's Office announced earlier this week that, under its leadership, the multi-agency Campaign Against Marijuana Planting has eradicated almost 1 million cannabis plants from 345 unlicensed grow...

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A Year's Work on Life Support

(October 31, 2019) In the midst of harvest season, the Humboldt County Growers Alliance has announced that the county now has the most licensed cannabis businesses of any California county. In fact, an...

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California Cannabis Enters the Blast Zone

(October 24, 2019) This Trump-Ukraine scandal has tendrils stretching all over the place. You may have missed it — what, with the president not only openly admitting on television to soliciting foreign help,...

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Blackouts and Tokage Fees

(October 17, 2019) When darkness cast its PG&E-sized cloud over Humboldt County on Oct. 9, some among us were not willing to go quietly into the night. "Even though the lights aren't...

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Ryan's Law

(October 11, 2019) There's a bill sitting on Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk that could radically change end-of-life care options for some patients in California hospitals. Senate Bill 305, which passed both chambers of...

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Make Greta Proud

(September 26, 2019) There's been a lot of attention on global climate change this week, what with Greta Thunberg's fiery, scornful speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 23 and the...

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Banking and Vaping

(September 19, 2019) The U.S House of Representatives will vote later this month on a bipartisan bill designed to allow cannabis businesses access to the federal banking system, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer...

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Vaper Beware

It's time to put down that vape pen. Seriously.

(September 12, 2019) Shortly before the Journal went to press Sept. 10, news broke that the nation had recorded its sixth death from a mysterious outbreak of lung disease related to vaping or...

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Reefer Madness, 2.0

(September 5, 2019) For the first time since 1982, cannabis was issued its very own health advisory by the Surgeon General's Office last week, which declared the need to raise the "national alarm"...

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A Reckoning in Rohnert Park

(August 29, 2019) It seems something was very rotten in the city of Rohnert Park. Lawyers representing the city agreed Aug. 20 to pay a Texas man $415,000 to settle a federal lawsuit...

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The 2024 Tipping Point

(August 22, 2019) It's no secret that California's recreational cannabis market has limped out of the gates. Eighteen months into this grand legalization experiment in the world's fifth largest economy, sales and...

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'Illicit Markets' and Cultural Insensitivity

(August 15, 2019) I got an email a couple of weeks ago from a source who works for a cannabis advocacy organization informing me that, "across the industry," folks in the weed world...

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Sheriff's Office, National Guard Begin Week of Warrants

(August 8, 2019) Humboldt County's Marijuana Eradication Team, working with the National Guard, is in the midst of serving multiple search warrants on unpermitted grows in a multi-day crack down on the illicit...

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Flower Service Comes Tableside

(August 1, 2019) A recent audit by the California Department of Finance on the state's nascent cannabis regulatory framework found the newest arm of the Golden State's bureaucracy is suffering some growing pains....

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No Show

(July 25, 2019) The high-powered U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs met July 23 for what was hailed to be a landmark hearing. Lawmakers, industry executives and advocates lined up...

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