<b><i>To Autumn</i></b>

To Autumn

(November 14, 2019) It's definitely been what John Keats called a "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom friend of the maturing sun" recently. We have been lucky in that sense because...

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Loving the Alien

(November 7, 2019) Despite some of the disapprobation I get from the public as feedback for a few of my hotter takes in this column, I am not a particularly "woke" person nor...

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(October 31, 2019) I'm hastily typing this out a few days earlier than usual because I'm trying to beat the clock on PG&E's incoming Saturday power austerity, which I am sure you will...

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Halloween Lite

(October 24, 2019) This is an odd series of days to report on the nightlife, as it so happens Halloween is just past the clutches of this writer's ichorous, undead claws. By which...

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The Week in Review

(October 17, 2019) Like everyone reading this, I survived the blackout PG&E inflicted upon us. Sitting in the dark, reading books by candlelight and headlamp, gave me ample thinking time, so I have...

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A Wee Touch of the Lurgy

(October 11, 2019) I have what I am telling myself is a slight cold. Maybe it has something to do with my multi-generational associates: My friend's absurdly cute baby seemed a little snottier...

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I'm Your Man in the Peanut Gallery

(October 3, 2019) I was in my early 20s when I realized that I would never cut it as a strictly objective journalist. I had just sold my second piece of freelance writing...

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

(September 26, 2019) Full disclosure, I absolutely love autumn. In fact, fall is one of the only times I feel justified in my general instinct to cloister myself away from the rest of...

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Some Things Last A Long Time

(September 19, 2019) Last week two very different musical geniuses passed away. Ric Ocasek was a hook-writer like no other before or since, and was the mind behind The Cars, as well as...

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Lend A Hand If You Can

(September 12, 2019) It's been an active week for a news junkie like myself. Johnathan Franzen took a backheel approach to climate change in the pages of the New Yorker and, in doing...

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Listen Up

(September 5, 2019) The Book of Sirach, one of the Books of Wisdom from the Tanakh, tells me that if I conduct my affairs with humility, I will be loved more than a...

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(August 29, 2019) As an ad hoc cultural ambassador to the region and self-professed "music bozo," I'd like to humbly welcome the assorted students of the area back to the academic grind. I...

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No Country for Old Young Men

(August 22, 2019) I'll admit I am a bit of a jerk. I try not to be but my heart is heavy. The first election I was old enough to vote in was...

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Beautiful Music in a Cruel World

(August 15, 2019) Last week was marked by two high-profile deaths. The tragic suicide of troubled songwriter, poet and Silver Jews frontman David Berman, and the there's-no-fucking-way-that-I-will-ever-believe-that-was-a-suicide demise of professional scumbag and alleged...

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Lawyers, Guns and Money vs. Us

(August 8, 2019) It was a rough weekend for anybody who has a negative opinion about mass gun violence in America. I'd like to address this issue but I don't want to do...

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Reggae? Maybe ...

(August 1, 2019) The first big concert that I remember going to without an accompanying adult was Toots and the Maytals at the old Arcata Theater — when it was still mostly just...

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