The Sturgeons Suck

(And so should you)

(March 18, 2020) Like a lot of you out there, last week came at me pretty hard and fast. As a member of the "gig economy," which is shorthand for the reduced...

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All of Us

(March 12, 2020) Enough time has passed since Super Tuesday that I feel it necessary to thank Humboldt County specifically and California broadly for voting and generally supporting Bernie Sanders in the democratic...

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Spread Some Love

(March 5, 2020) Oh, what a great many options we have here this week. From the theater to the dance floor to the concert hall, from free to pricey, from the 21+ environs...

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Stretch Out

(February 27, 2020) I'll keep this brief because I really stretched out in my ekphrastic music writing this week and I don't want to test your patience. It's a brand-new week, a new...

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Iko, Iko

(February 20, 2020) I mentioned in a recent tagline that I've been getting into the works of the Flemish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It's a fitting coincidence I'm lately drawn to...

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Cupid is Stupid

(February 13, 2020) Love is pretty wild, isn't it? There isn't a lot of raw data suggesting that love as a pursuit will pay out in dependable dividends of domestic comfort. The ancient...

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Mr. Moonlight

(February 6, 2020) February is an often overlooked month, a wet and cold placeholder in the depth of the northern hemisphere's winter that isn't even considered worthy of 30 days. Throughout history various...

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A Longer Short Month

(January 30, 2020) January becomes February this week and it's a leap year, so we get an extra day out of the month. It seems almost too much that 2020 is going to...

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From Tragedy to Farce

(January 23, 2020) There are a lot of things I didn't like about last week, from comical nonsense like The New York Times endorsing Elizabeth Warren AND Amy Klobucar as the Democratic Party...

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(January 16, 2020) The new year claimed its first rock star death last week and it was a doozy. Neil Peart was probably the most uniquely influential drummer for the last four decades...

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Dust into Dust

(January 9, 2020) In 1859, when Edward Fitzgerald published his English translation of the collected poetic quatrains attributed to Omar Khayyam, the Persian polymath from what is now Northeastern Iran had already been...

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Time Zone Twenty Twenty

(January 2, 2020) This is going to be brief because we are still in the lean days of the winter break. But even though I am writing in the last days of 2019,...

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To the Future

(December 26, 2019) As Robert Burns wrote, "And there's a hand, my trusty fere!/ And gie's a hand o'thine!/ And we'll tak a gude-willie waught/ For auld lang syne." Cheers. Thursday (Boxing Day)...

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War is Over (If You Want It)

(December 19, 2019) Despite what the shrieking dummkopfs in the right-wing media sphere might have you believe, there was only ever one war on Christmas on this continent and it happened during the...

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Pour One Out

(December 12, 2019) Last week, local heavy music aficionado, New York native and Natty Dog Hot Dogs cart wrangler Eric Riccio died. That he died of a heart attack at a local heavy...

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