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The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America 

By Jim Marrs. HarperCollins.

Popular pundits of the left have not been silent comparing the actions of the Bush administration to the actions of Nazi Germany. Parallels and comparisons are one thing; Jim Marrs goes further with claims that Nazis have infiltrated the U.S. at every level of government. Combining revisionist history with careful research, the author offers a plethora of conspiracy tidbits that connect to his overall project of sourcing the Nazis' move to the Americas.

Marrs' basic claim is carried over three sections covering such topics as occult and Freemasonic rites, alien technology, King Solomon's treasure and collusion between "global elites" and bureaucratic power players. While Marrs speculates that the Nazis may have gained financing from finding Solomon's treasure and that they may have received information about advanced technologies from esoteric and occult divination, the author is certain that the Nazis received help from the large financial institutions in America that came to power in the gilded age.

In the second section of his book, Marrs explores various means by which the Nazis escaped Germany and the postwar reconciliation process, investigating two major players: the Vatican and American covert agencies. Marrs explains how the Vatican used its diplomatic ties to secure various locations for Nazis to hide, primarily focusing on their escape to South America. Technologically thirsty American and Russian intelligence agencies provided other, more intriguing routes for the Nazis. Marrs speculates that as the Cold War fueled advances for both the U.S. and Russia, Nazi scientists designed the engines. This second section contains some of the more interesting connections between NASA, mind-control experimentation, Big Pharma, the Kennedy assassination and those pesky global elites.

In the book's last section Marrs rounds out his theories on how threads of National Socialism are being woven into the contemporary American fabric. Overall, Marrs offers a warning to Americans to be ever vigilant against the forces in our world that would diminish democracy and facilitate a fascistic worldwide regime. With his clear and straightforward prose, Marrs illuminates the rise of a Nazi agenda in such realms of social life as religion, education, psychology and propaganda. Marrs calls upon all of us from all walks of life, libertarians, liberals, progressives, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, to don a tinfoil hat in solidarity, if only for a moment, and unite against the wholesale theft of American democracy fighting against a global-elite Nazi-inspired corporate takeover of our beloved freedoms.

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