November 05, 2019 Slideshows

The Mystical Creatures Ball 

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OF 17
Zachary Lathouris
Skinny Pepperwood (Willie Hansen) starts the night off with classic 80s jams remixes
Zachary Lathouris
MC Lady Flavah (Eden Love) hypes the crowd up for a night full of festivities
Zachary Lathouris
Coppertone (Tim Phillips) keeps the party going in the back room of the Eagle House
Zachary Lathouris
Morgan Quinn of Sepiatonic plays the baritone sax.
Zachary Lathouris
A mystical elf (Joni Eden Murphy) ascends to the ceiling in front of an awe-inspired audience
Zachary Lathouris
Joni Eden Murphy swings from the rafters and smiles for the camera
Zachary Lathouris
Alexandra Stock gets into character before a dance performance
Zachary Lathouris
Diamond Reign (Amanda Tika Silvati) dazzles the audience with her ethereal dancing.
Zachary Lathouris
Melody Collver performs with aerial silks to a captivated crowd.
Zachary Lathouris
Kateri Ennis twirls down her silks with dizzying speed.
Zachary Lathouris
McKenzie Dibble poses with grace high above the crowd.
Zachary Lathouris
The Magic Mushroom (Victoria Louise Bergeron) and Vampira (Liz Valasco).
Zachary Lat houris
Esch (Christian Legaspi) is all smiles and the party continues into the early hours of the morning.
Zachary Lathouris
DJ Marjo Lak as a Na'vi keeps the party at a fever pitch.
Zachary Lathouris
Karolina Lux of Sepiatonic takes the crowd by surprise with a burlesque performance.
Zachary Lathouris
Karolina Lux of Sepiatonic performs to a sold-out crowd at the Eagle House.
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