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Posted by The Grinch on 03/26/2012 at 6:22 PM

Re: “Dog Eat Dog

Where's the beef? All I see is a couple of seitan dogs in this dog eat dog war. Looks like someone is getting their buns tied up in a bind. You snooze you loose bro. In business, one must learn to be adaptable and embrace the competition. There is no reason to cry over spilled mayo, or mustard for that matter... Round 2: The battle of the Taco Trucks perhaps?

Posted by RelishTheSauerkraut on 07/26/2011 at 3:02 PM

Re: “Tight Squeeze

First off, if anyone has read the actual EIR, they would realize that no redwoods will be logged from the grove. Second, the reason Humboldt County has to pay out of their @#$ for goods is due to restrictions already in place. Third, a little competition will help reduce the cost of goods (namely food products) and there is no indication that WalMart and the like wish to hunker down here in Humboldt again (remember the election we held in which we voted down WalMart??). Fourth, some obviously will benefit and some will not due to the completion of this project BUT has anyone, including CalTrans completed an actual cost-benefit analysis and made it available to the public? Perhaps this should be done? Fifth, from personal experience I agree with the public safety aspect of this project since that stretch of roadway is scary to go through. Too often I have found myself or someone I know getting into a collision due to reckless or distracted driving by motorists. Lastly, yes it is the "gateway" to the redwoods and Humboldt County - it is the Redwood Curtain that divides the rural north to the suburban south but in all honesty, is this project really going to detrimentally alter this namesake and place us in peril for becoming the new Santa Rosa or Ukiah? I doubt it. Every new academic year, more and more students continue to filter on up through to Humboldt County and many decide to stay which by all means is their right. I'd be more concerned with the continued growth of HSU rather than a simple little roadway expansion.

Posted by Tired of hearing everyone complaining on 06/02/2011 at 2:42 PM

Re: “Salzman Sues Arcata Over Panhandling Law

I reside in downtown in a fairly busy area of Arcata. The other day, I step out onto my porch to check on something I left out there to air dry (no not herb). I heard commotion in the alley way prior, and upon further investigation and after making myself visible, I'm at first acknowledged by a group of apparent travelers sitting across from my apartment in a mid-smoke session. I tell them to please pick up any cigarette butts they may be possibly smoking off of as a courtesy. All members turn to one another, then one speaks up then then gives me lip: "I'm not smoking a cigarette... Do you see a cigarette?!" I repeat myself to make it clear not to leave any trash behind and to be respectful. The same person gets lippy and begins to verbally assault me. I tell him if he continues, that I will call the police. Then one of the other members asks: "Hey man, at least can you kick down some change?"

I have no problem with travelers, as I have known many myself. At times I have been close to homelessness also. I respect that some people are simply down on their luck or have issues that manifest themselves in other ways such as use of drugs, crime, and or refusal to look for work. I have a close friend who is currently in this position. My problem is that those transients who have come to Arcata in recent years for whatever reason -- whether it is for 4/20, services, or rumor -- have become aggressively prudent in their attempts to survive up here. I do not speak to many of these people for fear of retaliation (I have been followed home on more than one occasion). Signs are one thing. I could care less if Big Al stands on the corner wasting his day holding a sign to no end -- it's his life, not mine. But I do not appreciate being harassed repeatedly, regardless of the reason (i.e. change, food, etc.), especially outside my own home!

Now, I used to live in a major city so Arcata is a cake-walk compared to my experiences there. I'm not a big fan of Salzman nor am I of many of the regional politicos as of late but to be upfront, when I use my bank's ATM I do not want to feel threatened by the possibility of robbery nor do I wish to be asked (again) once I leave an establishment whether I have any spare change or not. I don't think this ordinance is the end-all solution but it at least is an attempt to try to help protect the citizens of Arcata and further address a problem that has been ongoing for many years.

Salzman, I ask of you: Would you like to be harassed outside your very own home while checking your mail or simply walking out your porch? I bet you wouldn't.

Posted by Point in case... on 05/22/2011 at 4:15 PM

Re: “Generational Divide in Trinidad

Oh Trinidad, you humor me endlessly with your silly objections towards incorporating even the most non-abrasive efforts to acquiring what is most needed for your little humble community... Who said it isn't good to "live" a little and have some genuine fun? If anything, let the children (et al.) of your community have a voice for once! Props indeed go out to Gabe and Espejo!

Posted by Peter Pan on 02/18/2011 at 11:59 AM

Re: “Search & Suspend

It's great to know that Arcata High's policies on students' behavior and discipline has not changed since I attended the institution fifteen years ago. In fact I'd go as far to say that it has gotten even more restrictive and militaristic. They have an on-site cop?! You're better sending your children to a boarding school apparently. I always felt that I was going to "prison" every day at this school, as supposedly it was one of the best in the area. This incident reflects the reason why my mother and I refused to sign a "contract" and enrolled into Pacific Coast High School (aka "Continuation"). I got out of school soon after, got a job, and my GED all a year prior to my constituents... And to think we just passed a bond measure to help "improve" the district last election? What about improving the school's ability to address the real problems with students?

Posted by Epicus Doomicus on 01/22/2011 at 9:44 AM

Re: “Smart Meter ... or Electromagnetic Death Pod?

Hmm... The "graph" featured in this article is really poorly made: Someone needs to take lessons in how to present data efficiently.

Posted by Observer on 01/15/2011 at 10:50 AM

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