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The End (or Whatever) 

Parties for the end of time

The end of the world Friday? I doubt it, but who knows? Maybe those ancient Mayans knew something we don't. Or maybe they simply created a calendar that tracked the passing of time, the changing seasons. Friday is also the solstice: We officially shift from autumn to winter, a traditional time to gather together to mark transition.

How do we respond to a turning point? We throw a party. We beat drums, maybe blow a horn, strum a guitar, drop a needle in the groove, point a cursor at some special digital track, make the music flow. Friday may not be our last day on Earth, but it's as good a day as any to have a party.

Suppose the apocalypse was pending. What's the last song you'd play before you go? We posed the question to a few music makers as we researched various end-o parties planned for the weekend.  

Gabe Pressure, half of the Pressure Anya DJ duo, quickly chose R.E.M.'s '80s classic "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," an obvious selection since it incorporates everything from earthquakes and extreme weather to the Rapture and dreams of knives. Gabe and "Zombie Slayer" Anya are spinning for a Zombie Apocalypse World End Party Friday night at Nocturnum, with special guests Itchie Fingaz and VJ CJ (visuals) plus a zombie slayer dance by Gypsy Bella from Bella Vita Fire Dance Company. But wait, R.E.M. for zombies? "Zombies like those jamz too," says Gabe.

It's the End of the World as We Know It is what they're calling the party at Six Rivers Friday night with Bandon from The Works, aka DJ Zephyr, providing the soundtrack. His last? He said it was a difficult choice, "but I'll go with 'The Game' by Queen, a song about letting oneself love another. It's magical."

Matt Jackson of Missing Link Records selected a sweet love song from the '60s, "The Way I Feel Inside" by The Zombies. "Why? I'm not really sure, the answer just popped out right when I read the question." Matt 'n Adam are hosts of The Last Soul Night on Earth Friday at Humboldt Brews joined by the usual suspects, Mantease, Jaymorg and King Maxwell, spinning vinyl to celebrate "either the end of the universe as we know it or the Mayan equivalent of Y2K."

World Famous Productions presents Mayan Apocalypse 12-21-12 Friday at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, a night of top shelf EDM featuring Portland's Danny Corn, Comma, Grenier (aka DJ G) and Hypha. All are invited to "come celebrate the end of the world/cosmic realignment/polar shift/fifth dimensional awakening/time wave zero/Mayan calendar end/peak novelty, or nothing at all -- let's rage anyway!"

In Human Creation's Holiday Bizarre III: End Game is a music/dance/comedy review Friday at the Jambalaya, "celebrating the end times." The fundraiser for the development of the Creamery Art District and Redwood Raks features dancing by Ya Habibi, Megz Madrone, Marjhani, High Freakuency and Lex, music by Drifter Killer and Tellum and comedy by John McClurg and Don Husman (the man behind In Human Creation) along with reindeer games including an ugliest sweater contest and a raffle for cool prizes. "If this is truly the end, let's make the most of it," says Don.

Marcia Mendels from NightHawk chose "Something to Talk About" ("What better time to break the rules?"), "Don't Dream It's Over" and "Never Can Say Goodbye" adding, "or maybe we should just start a worldwide OM and see if we can vibrate ourselves into the next whatever!" NightHawk is playing a benefit for the Emma Center Friday at the Arcata Playhouse titled Changing Tomorrow: A Party to Celebrate A New Start to a New Calendar of Joy and Peace, "your opportunity to change tomorrow for a lot of deserving folks while you're having a great time rockin' out." Also on the bill: Nebulawn Mower.

Saint John and the Sinners play at Bear River Casino Friday night. Saint's dark jam for the end is "The End" by The Doors. Does that perhaps signal a Doors tribute in addition to the Fleetwood Mac and Cream tributes the band does now?

Musicians For Community celebrate the end of the world and the winter solstice on Friday at the newly remodeled Logger Bar with a community dinner and music by Seed, The Movers and the Shakers "and more!"

"'If You're Happy and You Know It,' that's my vote," says Joe Whiskey-Whiskers Deschaine of BA-DUM-CHH Comedy. The funny folk's Last Comedy Show Ever is at the Pearl Lounge Thursday, a day before the end, where you can "greet the Mayan prophecy with laughter."

EDM artist Wrye declares, "The world ends at midnight" on Thursday (when 12-21-12 begins). He invites you to "celebrate the beginning of a new age of disco darkness" at Siren's Song with his dark music, along with Dat-1, Onhell, Estkowski and 2012, a party that also celebrates Wrye's new 12-inch This Is Grindhouse.

Installation artist Peter Santino's apocalyptic takeover of the Morris Graves Museum of Art, Exhibition at the End Of Time, at the End of the World, has its official Opening at the End on Friday with conceptual ruminations on truth, beauty, art and the end. 

Humboldt expat Berel Alexander is back from Oakland for the holidays. He's doing two shows with his ensemble (and Vidagua): Friday at the Garberville Theater, Saturday at the Arcata Playhouse -- celebrating the Solstice, not the end -- but he still responded to my question. "The last song I'd play would be Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World,' then I'd play my song, 'So Good to Be Alive,' 'cause I believe that the end is rather the new beginning of the world as we know it!" SoHum blues rock band Crossroads opens the Garberville show, which happens to be the same night as the town's annual Lighted Parade (along the lines of the other ones but SoHum style). Saturday's Playhouse show pairs Berel and co. with Kombucha Brothers, a new local combo with guitarists/songwriters Ilan Navah and Matt Starry playing "sweet folk and blues originals" backed by rhythm section Joe Hunt and Ryan Woempner.

There are no visible end-of-time ties, but Humboldt's wandering spectre Carpathian offers Winter Stories Around the Christmas Fire Friday evening at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates. He's joined by Paul Woodland, April Parrott and Howard Emerson telling spooky ghost stories with holiday themes.

Moving into the post-apocalypse, Spirit Vibrations presents its Second Annual Holiday Jam Saturday night at the Jambalaya with performances by The 51 Cards, The Plumb Uglies, Chris Parreira, Josephine Johnson, Jan Bramlett, Jenifer Breeze, Dan Seidel (from the S.F. band Kitchen Fire), Norm Crawford, Eddy Arnold Jr. and Burning Sage "and more." Choose your holiday.

There's no party to celebrate, but Friday is roll-out day for the ambitious Humboldt Music Project 2012 double CD, a snapshot of the local scene assembled by Elle J of Humboldt Fire to support youth scholarships for HSU's Humboldt Music Academy.

The album is dedicated to the late Bryan Osper -- the opening track is one of Bryan's songs. The double CD includes dozens of local musicians in many genres including SquarPeg (playing "stranger chamber" music Saturday at Libation), Seabury Gould and Evan Morden (playing Thursday at Gallagher's), Josephine Johnson, Berel Alexander and Vidagua (see above), UKEsperience, Bon Swing, Calleaghn Kinnamon, JD Jeffries, Joanne Rand, Mike Lee, Eric and Maia, Musaic, The Nucleus, Strix Vega, Asha Nan, SambAmore, Madi Simmons, WyldCat, Collective Elements, Magic Heart Genies, AC the Coolest, Schedule 1, Hiway, Thoughtography, Area Sound, Hella Richtor, M Shah, Chase Larue, B. Swizlo, Epik, Psy-Fi, DJ Touch, Haiku and Razle Dazle (aka Itchie, see above). The inimitable Sonny Wong did the cover (see above). Buy one online ( Makes a great gift.

I guess that's it. In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night. The End ...

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